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    512mb fast or 1gb slower DDR?

    I have an oportunity to sell my 1gb Corsair pc4000 and purchase 512mh of PQI turbo 2-2-2-5.

    I play some MOHAA and HL2 but really get my kicks from overclocking my cpu.

    I've been able to get my winchester to 9x300 with the stock cooler but have to clock my corsair at 150mhz to run so-so stable. The Corsair doesn't even run the rated speed with the processor underclocked.

    So... I can sell the corsair and get some TCCD PQI and a Zalman cu7000 for the sale of the corsair.

    ... what do you guys think?

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    I personally would go with the faster RAM.

    4000 SHOULD reach <230? I think your RAM is headed for an RMA, to be completely honest if it can't keep stock speeds.
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    Get PC4400 (rated 275 MHz) 2.5-3/4-3/4-x TCCD memory module.

    For HTT up to 275 MHz or so, run max memclock 200 MHz (aka 1:1 ratio) until memory cannot handle such speed (above 275 MHz).

    memory_bus_frequency = HTT

    For HTT much higher than 275 MHz to 336 MHz, switch to max memclock 166 MHz (aka 5:6 ratio). With CPU multiplier x9, memory_divider = 11.

    memory_bus_frequency = HTT * 9 / 11.

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    You should RMA your ram because it's defective, you might get some tccd chips back. 1gb will perform better when gaming, if you play alot of games go for the 1gb, if you just want the overclock get the 512. 1 stick will clock better then two.
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