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    "power calibration error" on DVD burner

    Up until recently, my DVD burner have been doing just fine with anything I throw at. But lately I get power calibration error only if I try to erase a CD-RW. Erasing DVD+RW and -RW works fine so I don't think it's the drive. I have 4 different brands of CD-RW (from cheap no name brand to $3 a disc brand) and all of them have failed to be erased.

    What could be causing the problem? Why did it work fine before but now it won't? I doubt all the CD-RW have expired at once, that would be a major coincidences.

    I tried Google but the results are not cxonsistient. Some suggest my burner could be going bad but it doesn't sound right if it burns OK and it erases DVD+/-RW without problem. Other suggested media issue and that could be it but I don't want to spend any more money. And some blamed software for the problem.

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    Bad discs can cause this. I noticed this also with older, scratched CD-RW discs.
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