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    Some help reading Hardware Monitor ?

    i was concearned about my power supply so i wanted to get something to see my rails and i searched the forums and someone mentioned Hardware Monitor so I went out and grabbed that, and this is what I got.

    What does the red mean , well , how do you read this thing !? lol, i looked at it and then looked at the rails on the power supply and yea im confused.

    My Power Supply
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    hdd with s.m.a.r.t -> 43C. you could get it under 35C if you add a fan to cool the hdd.

    about -12V, don't bother about it.
    3+.3V at 3.14V -> dangerous.

    somebody will say that software sensor isn't acurate, but i often found that they're actually pretty accurate.. (ecs, epox, gigabyte, msi...)
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    Do you get the same results in MBM 5?

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