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    Intel's advertising - a bit of a joke!!

    I was listening to an advert for an HP computer, and it was so FUNNY!

    It had 2 teenagers talking, and the line that was really good was when the boy says to the girl:

    "Guess what we're getting soon? A Pentium 4 3Ghz with Advanced Intel Hyper-Threading Technology."

    The kid was supposed to sound like some kind of techno-dude, but anyone who knew anything about computers would know the truth: he was just spewing out Intel's marketing! I mean, what kind of computer-geek talks about hyper-threading, but doesn't mention things like what Socket it is, or what type of chip it is (Northwood, Prescott etc.) It was just ludicrous!

    And if "Advanced Intel Hyper-Threading Technology" isn't an Intel marketing catch-phrase, then what is?

    I know Intel are doing badly - with them coming out as the firm losers in the gigahertz war (I remember them boasting about having a 3.8Ghz chip ready for December 2004, what happened to that?) but do they really have to resort to getting the OEM manufacturers of Intel computers to use such laughable marketing?

    Just something I'd thought I'd share. I hope none of you would be tempted by the lure of "Advanced Intel Hyper-Threading Technology" (with it being pretty useless - nothing more than an Intel catch-phrase.)

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    1) That was an HP ad, not an Intel ad.

    2) Of course it was marketing. What's your point?

    3) Intel is not doing badly. Where are you getting that garbage from? They are in firm control of not only the processor market, but also the chipset market.

    4) I've had my 3.8 for at least 6 weeks now. Not sure why you think it was never release. Look in my signature at the green rig (air cooling), it's an A64 killer too.

    5) Sorry to disappoint you, but hyperthreading really does work for multitasking. Why do you say it's useless?

    Please get your facts straight before posting such gibberish.
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    This processor has been out since Dec 04....
    ....must be an AMD fanboy.....
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    I agree with batboy, terminat what was the point of this topic all i can gather is you dont like intel.
    The only real intel advert i have seen is the one with the blue blokes flying around on the centrino logo and the advert is crap but the centrino isnt.

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    batboy pretty much said everything there is to say so I'll just close this as its only potential is to troll.
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