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    What is this random piece of equipment?

    What is this?

    That came from this site.


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    hmm some sort of EM field generator?
    perhaps an heater for a barrel of some kind?
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    Looks like an old demagnitizer used for TV repair.

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    Looks like a degaussing coil.

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    You guys are right. I recognized it too. I seen a few of these degausers. Todays monitors can degaus on thier own. TV's can't. It's just an electro-magnet used to relighn the electron guns. The glass on CRTs (or maybe the phosphors on the glass) build up a magnegtic charge. You see this as a change of color usually in the corners. Maybe a blue tint, red tint, etc. The degauser is used to remove the residual magnetic charge.

    I guess that's more than what was asked for. I felt cheap just saying that I agree with what was already said.

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    Heh heh heh, seadave77 said "degausing coil", I googled it and got that pic, or I would have no clue whatsoever.

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    Does that mean you win that ps?

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