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    Is this windows problem?

    Is this a windows or mobo problem?
    Have 9800 and won't boot properly on machine 1.
    Boots and runs 3dmark without problems on machine 2.

    Have 4200 and boots properly and runs 3dmark on machine 1.
    I have aerocool 450watt power supply on machine 1.

    have any ideas?

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    List the complete system specs for both "machine 1" and "machine 2", including which OS is installed on both.

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    define "won't boot properly". does it attempt to boot the OS? by saying boot, i'm assuming that it posts properly?
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    Machine 1: P4c 3ghz, Soltek SL-86SPE-L bios=1.5, Audigy 2, ata 133 raid x 2 maxtor 80gig, 2 x kingmax ddr466 512mb @ DC, aerocool 450watt ps, Widows XP SP2. Latest windows certified drivers.
    Machine 2: P4a 2ghz, Tyan S2095, SB LIve, ata 133 raid x 2 maxtor 20gig + 2 Wester Digital 15gig, 2 x corsair ddr266 256mb @ SC, enermax 350watt ps, Window XP SP2. Latest window certified drivers.

    Boot = into normal windows, does boot into safe mode. posts properly.

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    hmm, well the difference between safe mode and normal windows I believe is that in safe mode it will run windows generic drivers (please correct if i'm wrong)

    edit yea thats right found it in windows articles

    So I would try and uninstall the drivers for ATI in safe mode, and then boot the machine, have windows load the generic drivers again and then do the install. However to unistall the ATI drivers properly, you'll need the ATI remove tool, or I guess you could try just using device manager.

    Try that,

    P.S. If I had to guess i'd say its windows, but then again even if you fix it windows is still broken jk.

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