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    Which 754 or 939?

    Been thinkin bout joinin the Athlon 64 crew. Which socket should get? Money is a issue, but wanna get best performance for value plus room to upgrade later. Kinna skeptical bout 754, my concern is will support for this socket last? 939 is a lil costly for me. So all u 64ers out there I need ya advice. Got plans to run this system with ddr400 ram.

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    well the skt754 is essentially a dead socket - its old and will be semperon only in terms of new chips for it afaik. skt939 is the better choice, and is imo accesable to budget buyers -
    If you have a good/are happy with your agp graphics card, id recomend:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vrykyl
    well the skt754 is essentially a dead socket
    They both esentially are, but atleast S939 will get the better chips <while it lasts>

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