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    Can a bad MB Kill a power supply?

    I had two die on the same mother board.. It was within days of removing some trojan virus that hijacked IE at startup by use of the BHO (browser helper object) and bombed me with popups. It was a nasty little basterd.

    Any way I've built a rig now using a new, power supply, MB and cpu. I thought that if the BM was useable I'd build a backup rig from spare parts.

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    what kind of psu's were they?

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    its quite possible if the psu over/under volted the mobo
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    might be some flaw in the board that's creating a semi-short and overloading the supply...

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    Bad capacitors have been known to take out power supplies...

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    It can happen I have seen a floppy drive take one out before.
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    Both were off brand power supplies in the excess 400w. The first had been been working fine for about 3 years, the second was just a spare.

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    I don't see how. Even if the motherboard managed to spawn little nano robots that constructed new circuit traces to short out the power supply, I don't think so. And even if there was a short, any decent power supply should have a fuse. When you short something, you are getting (theoretically) no resistance and infinite current. Fuses blow when too much current passes through them that they can't physically take it...and they pop. I've shorted my share of stuff before. I shorted an extremely ****ty "450" watt power supply, and after replacing the fuse it was just fine.

    A power supply just supplies power. If something was shorted or something had too much of a load, a fuse should have blown in the power supply. Well, you might consider that being broken actually, since after its blown it's not gonna work anymore. Till you replace the fuse that is.

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    usually its the other way around (power supply frying the board)

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