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Thread: Good or bad ?

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    Good or bad ?

    I think I ma sold on nVidia,After years of Ati only i just traded for a BFG 6800 O/C and I am quite happy but think maybe you nVidia Pros can tell me if it is a decient card.

    I installed coldbits ? lol hope thats what it is called.And on the stock cooling I am clocked to 410 core and 836 Memory. Is this a good or average O/C and does it suggest better cooling and or bios mods could make it even faster ?

    I have it in a Dual Xeon 1.6 rig Oced to 3222 each and get 10758 3D Mark 03 points..Curious if that is a decinet score as well..Thanks.

    I am gonna upload to PCmark so it is recorded,,I dont like how my screen image looks.
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    Those are nice scores, granted u could use rivatuner and start unlocking pipes and shaders for more performance Welcome to the Nvidia side of things.....woot woot....
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