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    Red face Major lag in swg?

    I don't know what it is about swg but the lag is horrible. Not talking connection lag here im talking video lag. Im using my first machine in my sig with an x800 pro vivo wtf i dont get it? There has to be driver isssues or something with swg. I am running the latest and greatest ati drivers btw

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    i havent gotten a lag so much but i have noticed they have some problems with thier shadows rendering in the far distance correctly.

    what settings and resolution do you have your graphics set @?

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    Complaining about lag in SW:G w/ only one gig of ram?? Get some more.

    Hehe, this is plenty of ram for most games, but it seems with SW:g not so much. I've never played it, but I've read a lot of reviews on it. There are also some long threads here I think about it. Anyway, search around and I think you'll find your not alone.
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    ive found alot of newer mmorpg/fps games need alot of ram when your in heavily populated areas especially if you have graphics turned way up.

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    SWG plays fine with 1gb

    I run on the highest settings with:
    3200+ winchester amd 64
    1gb mushkin
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