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Thread: Can I do this??

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    Can I do this??

    I am trying to build my File/Media server, everything was going fine until I went to install windows and before it starts to copy files it crashes to blue screen.

    I nailed down the problem to having 2x Adaptec 1200a ide raid cards in at once.
    I took one out and it worked fine. Can I have 2 RAID cards in at once?

    I never tried a different slot, but they weren't near each other on the board, I don't think there is a conflict anywhere.
    BTW I have 4x200gb hooked up to one. Going ot do jbod
    and 2x250gb hooked up to the other, I want to do RAID w/parity

    Whats the problem?

    NF7-s v2.0
    2500 barton
    2x256 3200
    true power 480
    nvidia 5200xt

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    The Adaptec 1200a does not support multiple controllers on a single chassis. You could get another card from a different manufacturer and it would likely work fine. In this case, it's listed in their documentation.

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    You can also try calling their technical support to see if they have any BIOS update (even beta) that would allow the two cards to work together.

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