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    onetusd.dll WILL NOT LOAD!!!!!

    I am mtrying to install a scanner on win2003 enterprise and when it gets to the part where asks me to find this file, I find it, point the thing to it, but when I click on ok, it resets to the default location and asks me again. I even relocated it to the location it defaults to and it still refuses to take it. Now when I trie to uninstall the hardware to try freash with it, it tells me that it may be needed to BOOT THE COMPUTER! This is so frustrating. Please help me. The scanner is a visioneer 8700. the software for the scanner installs fine just not this one file.
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    Get the install files off the disk and put it in C:/scanner files (make that directory). Then click on a file that should say Setup, and point it to the file on the HDD, assuming it still asks...

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