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    really good idea!

    Dell: 8.0

    IBM: 9.5

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    < Heatware

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    I'll give my AOpen 1557GLS a 9/10 (screen viewing angle could be better)....I think that Sager uses/used them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samuraisam
    Sony : 7 / 10

    Shame on you, you didn't include Apple.

    Apple : 9.7 / 10


    wow i diden't even consider apple that's a my bad I will make cateogory after i investigate any relationship between sager and Aopen.

    *edit Because apple=75%pc parts I Added it
    Aopen is a seperate entity that sells and supports their own laptops so i have also added it as well.

    phew updating this thing is hard work keep it coming

    WOOT 5 stars
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    I got a toshiba give it a 9/10 I wish it had a beter video card, but it still plays CoD and lower settings.
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    Off hiatus, iNET stopped advertising in MY posts.
    I've only had experience with IBM T20, but I'm impressed.

    IBM operation, 9.5 out of 10. They aren't any good for gaming, but I'm not a gamer.

    IBM ease of repair, based on what I have heard here, 10, out of 10!

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    Toshiba 9.9 out of 10, the 1/10 of a point reduction is due to one if thier "preimier" service locations haveing horrid support/job.....
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    I've had already the following IBMs : 760CD, 770X, 600E, T23, T40... Impressed with all of them.
    Have played with a few toshibas, nice machines also, but not as robust.

    IBM 10/10
    Toshiba 8/10
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    Gateway - 9/10

    I've had experience with only two Gateway laptops (both the same model, one my sisters, the other mine), and they seem to be very nice. They're light on the amount of OEM crud they put on (IIRC it was updaing software and a few other trivial things). Also, they seem to be fairly well designed as well since my temps (with a Prescott 2.8) don't seem to be that bad for a laptop at full load.

    The one place they DO get marked on is on build strength. My laptop has had no problems, but my sister's has developed a small crack in the plastic covering the hinges. She dosen't really abuse her laptop, so I don't think that it should have broken like that.
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    hp ze4900


    it was cheap but it has intel extreme graphics 2 so no gaming though i knew what i buying when i bought it... and then tech support was ok though i had stumped her since i already tried everything she told me to do... and battary power is ok at 3:30 for watching movies

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    My first and only laptop experience has been with an hp ze4400us. I bought it with the intention of making it my semi-primary machine, and intended to use it for gaming as well as word processing and web browsing and the ilk--I learned that such a laptop does great for everything but the gaming. A single fan cools the entire laptop, and the hard drive overheated and now is unstable--A fresh isntallation of windows lasts about 4 continuous operating hours before a complete crash and loss of all data. I'm ordering a new drive, with the intent of patching it up and selling it on ebay; its a fine machine, but not for gaming.

    As for the rating, I would give hp a 7/10.

    The laptop has a 64 meg (shared) video card, 256 megs of ram, and windows xp--Not enough ram to run stabily, imo. That and the heat issues under stress make the ze4400 on my list of laptops to avoid--However, rather than give hp as a whole a 6 I'll assume that not all of their laptops overheat and die--hence the 7.

    (btw, next laptop--if any will be apple powermac )

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    updated... I reformatted my comp and forgot to back up my database file and had to update the whole thing from scratch....

    *edit the database is back to full power so don't fear voting... I will update the scores every 4 or 5 votes or so....

    please keep the votes comming in... my database is setup for 10,000 votes for each vendor so cmon lets fill it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I give dell a 9 ˝

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    I will have to give Dell 9.5/10. My first and only laptop so far. -0.5 in scoring because nothing is perfect

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    How about Averatec?

    I just bought my wife an Averatec AV6110. It has 15" screen and 80gig HD.
    Also included a DVD burner all for $699 after rebates. So far it is great. The touchpad is very sensitive when trying to type.


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    you name a different brand and I'll make a cateorgory...

    what score would you give it and I will make new cateorgory on my next update...

    I can't even imagine what this stickey is going to look like in 5 years... it will be a magnificant database... and I never plan to leave the forums so I will always be around to update it

    and btw my touchpad has something called palm protection... which is a nice feature yours might have it too... go into mouse properties...

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    I've got an Asus S5N (see sig) and it serves me well. If the notebook is an example of what I can expect from Asus, then I'd give them a 9. I just love the external CD drive that comes with the notebook - custom designed for the model so that power and data come on one plug. Most pentium-m models (the only ones I ever look at ) have some way of extending battery life, either through a larger main battery or through an auxilliary battery that fits into the CD/floppy bay. My only issues are that they don't go as far as they could on graphic capabilities (last time I checked they only had 64mb on the radeon 9700), and they're more expensive than some alternatives.

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    I've owned a a few different laptops over the years so i will try and rate each one as best as I can

    Toshiba 7/10
    IBM 9/10
    Gateway 7/10
    Sony 9.5/10
    Dell 10/10

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    nice addation to the database... that requires an update!

    Most popular: DELL 7 votes
    Highest Rated: APPLE 9.7

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    Since i have a Dell ill vote for them if i must , lol

    hmm , ive had it for 2.5 yr's now. had 3 major problems , the power socket for the cord on the back of the laptop become worn down , and motherboard need to be replaced. I had one stick of ram go bad. and last week the power cord socket went bad again. talked to the guy at dell and no messing around this time , told me i was getting a new board and power cord. good thig for the xtra 2 yrs on the warranty


    Product 9.5 out 10 , there electronics they go bad

    Sevice 9.5 out 10 , Thats being nice , ive said alot of 4 letter words to them

    Overall 9.5 out of 10

    i had gave there service a 7.5 , but today i got my laptop back , and i got a free upgrade to the Intel Pentium 4 3.20Ghz , from the 3.06Ghz , so i upd it to 9.5. this rocks
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    Gateway M675XL
    P4C 3.2GHz HT (D1)
    2 X 512 PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM
    17.1" High Resolution WSXGA+ TFT Active Matrix w/ ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 8x AGP w/ 128MB DDR video memory
    60GB 7,200 RPM Hitachi Disk Drive
    Multi-RW DVD

    Rocks for me. I chose this between a Sager 9870c and the Gateway but after checking both out I found the Gateway to be a superior machine and since I already have a MCE Workstation I didn't need the excess baggage either.

    The Gateway has worked like a charm in all areas I choose to use it in. I can play a DVD movie on one full battery charge and the Sager wouldn't.

    Product 9 out 10 - Battery life could be better

    Overall 9 out of 10 - Service has never been needed making it hard to quantify.

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