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    Motherboard Monitor

    Just wondering how many people out there still use MBM. I still use it, IMO still the best monitoring software out there.

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    i still use it, even though it reports my cpu temp as way low...20's when the bios says 30's. i like having my cpu usage visible without having to have task manager open too.
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    I still use it, its to the point where the dashboard is always there half translucent when my computer is on, I set it and forget it and occasionally peep it to see that everythings in working order. Definately an excellent program.
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    I don't use it anymore. I use the Abit EQ software now.
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    I still use MBM when I use windows, which isn't often. Most of the time I run linux and use lmsensors and gkrellm.
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    i used to use MBM but then one day it told me my core temp was over 100*C and my case remp was 0*C, i think a fair number of people are using proprietry monitoring software thats designed by the mobo manufacturer

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    The reason I asked is that I just reinstalled Windows and thought if there is anything better out there, but I decided to stick with something I am already familar with. No point in changing something that I know already works good.

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    I still use it. Works fine for me. Temperatures seem right on.

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    same here.. still using mbm5

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    works great with the winbond chip that my mobo has - temps are right on with BIOS and the HW monitor that came with the motherboard
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    I use it because I like the history of the temps that are registered. So when I'm playing a new game, after an hour or so, I can go in and see what the game pushed the temp up to and whether I have to open the door on the computer desk while I play that game.

    Maybe other products have the same functionality or not I dont' know, but MBM works great for me, still using it.
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    It's nice to see I'm not the only one still using MBM. It's been awhile since they stopped making the software.

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