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    How reliable is

    I was looking around at 3400's on pricewatch and noticed portatech had the 2.2ghz 1mb clawhammer and thought it was too good to be true. Are they known for saying something is in stock when it's not or anything?


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    I'm aware, i wanted to get an opinion from people here.

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    Well fine, be that way.....

    jking m8

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    wouldnt go for it. pay the extra money from a more reputable retailer for assurance.

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    Problem is i can't find 3400+ clawhammers anywhere that's reputable. There's DTR but i don't want to mod my prommy to use it.

    EDIT : eWiz has them, but for $230!!!! That's $40 more than portatech. *sigh*, hopefully it's worth it.

    edit 2: OK, so on pricewatch it says 1024 cache and 2.2ghz, i click it and ewiz says 2.2ghz but 512 cache. Did they even make a 2.2ghz 512 cache 3400+?

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    I think I may just give portatech a call and see if they can confirm clawhammer 3400+'s are instock and i'll try to just buy over the phone.

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    A little pricey for my taste. I just bought a 3000+ DTR though.

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    The reviews on the site look awful. Relabeling CPU's and giving people $10 of credit for a DOA XP 3200+ is pretty bad. I would stay far away from them if I was you.

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    their shipping sucks

    They take 2 weeks to ship from LA to Seattle. I've read a lot of bad reviews now.

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    I would go against it. I bought a motherboard/CPU combo from them for really cheap. A year later, it started blue-screening on me. And now (another year later) it still does it. I have no idea why and nobody else could help. I've built three PCs in my lifetime and never had a problem with any of them other than this one.

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    Don't waste your time with PortaTech they took 7 days to build a computer for me. Then another 5 or 6 days to ship it to me. Only to find out on opening the box it came in that fed ex completely destroyed the computer they sent to me ( it was totally DOA) as well as I was out $200 dollars profit since I was going to install this in a customer restaurant in downtown Richmond, VA. (Can't install a computer that's fed ex had destroyed) I e-mailed their RMA dept and requested to speak to a manager about this cluster screws buy they refused to call me back at all, so I was forced to call them and demand to know when I would be getting my money back from them they said the refund was in the process, and this was a lie as well since they gave me some BS they refused to issue a refund to my credit card till I send a drivers disk back to them. So they intentionally put off giving me a refund for as long as they could and cost me a profit of $ 200 dollars and any future business from my now former client ( the restaurant in downtown Richmond, VA). So order from them at your own risk!!!!"

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    Considering this thread originated in 2005, I would hope he had made his decision by now. But it is always good to know when a company just doesn't learn how to treat customers.
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