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    2.4A not going past 3.2?

    i am using my sig's computer, when i run P95 it errors after 1-10 minutes. i have no idea why, 1.5Vcore, doesnt go past 1.4V under load. Not a temp problem, doesnt go past 50C under load. I think that my mobo agp/pci timers are locked. memory isnt it. maybe its a P/S problem
    if its a p/s problem, then what watt and amp rated power supply would someone reccomend. i am short money, so please dont post" Just buy a OCZ 600w $200 power supply and you should be fine".
    thanks ahead of time for help!

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    What's the PSU you are using?

    If you can find a Fortron 530W you will be fine.

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