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    dvd drive wont open!

    the toshiba sd m1102 i tested in my tower wont open! it is recognised by xp and all, but i cant physcially open it via the button or through windows
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    Is there a hole on your cd-rom drive that's small enough to insert a paper clip into? That's usually the emergency eject buttom. Insert a paper clip in that hole and your cd-rom drive should open.

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    Like said above, there is a tiny hole big enough to put a paperclip or needle in, you have to put some force behind it, but it will eject your CD tray manually. Make sure that your drive is getting power... check to make sure you plugged the power in.
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    A partially straightened "large" paper clip has become a staple item in my toolkit for this very reason...

    As noted, look for the small hole just below the drive tray, and push straight in with the paper clip (or pin, etc...).

    Fortunately, I've only actually needed it once. *knocks on wood* There has been a couple of times I've left CD's in machines absent-mindedly though, and then torn them down for one reason or another. A few months later, I'll be looking for that app CD I burned, and sure enough, it's still sitting in a optical drive in the stack of drives I've got. Using the clip is easier than plugging the drive in for the 5 seconds it takes to open and close the tray. Especially when sifting thru 3 or 4 drives sitting on a shelf for that silly CDR with that obscure app I need for a new build.

    Quote Originally Posted by pcgamer4life
    .... Make sure that your drive is getting power... check to make sure you plugged the power in.
    If the drive is being recognized by XP, I'd imagine it's a safe bet it's at least getting power.
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    like the people mentioned above, use the paper clip to manually open the drive, and normally wiv drives, u;ll see a rubber band connected to the motor which opens the drive. if it has come lose, jus connect it back to where its suppose to be.

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    um... pretty much all that can be said has been. hope it works!
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