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Thread: low perfomance

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    low perfomance

    low performance 9800 pro


    hi there im new at this so il get straight to the point
    ive just upgraded my pc to a amd 64 3400 1gig ram sata hard disc
    and a500w power supply I kept my card 9800pro it ran sweet for about 2 weeks on games such as
    call of duty and far cry top settigs mostly then it started to overheat
    and crash with blue screen i had a case fan installed and resat the processor on some better paste stopped overheating and crashing but i now have a notable decrease in performance
    any advice would be greatfully recieved

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    um well what are u saying exactly that you think it ur cpu or ur video card?

    what are you cooling your cpu with?
    and how hot is your 9800 pro?
    is it under warenty? if so send it back if not then take off to some store and buy a zalmen heatpipe line cooling setup or somthing to cool that video card.

    on your cpu use artic silver 5 thermal paste and a good aftermarket cooler.

    heat can make problims really fast.

    make shure you have you bios updated and your video card drivers are uptodate

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    Many video cards lower their clock speeds when they get too hot, so if you have solved your overheating problem but haven't lowered temps enough, your card may still be clocking itself down. You might want to consider getting a GPU heatsink and fan.

    It's also possible that it got damaged from the overheating too.

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