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    New Box

    I am pricing up a new Gentoo linux box.
    I have an 80 gig P-IDE drive and burner that I will use.
    Suggestions on hardware that has a sweet price point?
    What about the 64 bit AMD chips, are the linux drivers for chipsets caught up yet?

    I will be doing some circuit simulation, and trying out different CAD packages for drawing hospital blue prints.
    This will not be a production machine, but I will be testing packages for possible use at work.
    I am part of a "research" committee, which means we won't really do anything..
    but I am going to get a new box for home

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    DVD Burner too?

    We all need a DVD Burner...


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    What about the 64 bit AMD chips, are the linux drivers for chipsets caught up yet?
    Linux has supported 64-bit processing for......well for a really long ass time! I believe they even have quite a list of 64-bit programs.
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    I try not to be on the bleeding edge of chipset support.
    I am really testing the software and I would like to see if a stable 64bit platform can be realized for a production enviornment.
    I remember the first S-ATA drivers and still some of the cheap Raid on board drivers cause unexplained errors.

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    I've used dual opteron servers running SUSE 9 enterprise 64bit in a production environment. They were the best performers we had at magma (chip design software) because they could address 8GB of ram. The only other 64bit servers were sun ultrasparcs and they were much slower in the cpu department, and then the dual MP servers but they could only deal with up to 4GB of ram so swapping slowed down our application significantly.

    We avoided SATA and stuck with SCSI and IDE(often in raid), and made sure the GB LAN on the server motherboards was supported in Linux and FreeBSD before purchasing.!
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