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    modding an external hard drive into an internal hard drive

    lately i've been questioning if doing this could even be possible. instead of blowing money on an extra hard drive for my system and spending a good hour or so transferring files from my external usb hard drive to a new internal hard drive, would it be possible to use the external hard drive as an internal hard drive?

    it seems just as simple as taking it out of the casing and detaching it from the powersupply and usb card reader and switching the jumper to slave and hooking it up to the ide cable. has anyone ever tried this or know where i can find more about trying to do this?

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    might be cheaper to just buy an internal drive, install windows, transfer files and sell your external....might make money too.

    But other than that it's probably just a regular IDE drive inside with a PATA->USB converter....should just rip open the case and take the HDD out.
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    Yes - exernal harddrive are nothing more then internal drives in a purdy case.

    If you already own an external drive just crack open that case - they usually come apart easy and safely for later use anyays.

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