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    DFI's nForce4 support

    I'd just like to mention how really really impressed I've been with DFI's support of their nF4 boards. Beta BIOS 02/17 became available today with a several important fixes and this is the 3rd BIOS released for these boards by Oskar in SEVENTEEN days!!! Very impressive IMO.

    BTW you can grab 02/17 and see the changes made here:
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    I have yet to receive my DFI board, but following this and other forums I have noticed how much more responsive DFI has been in BIOS updates and general customer support on DFI-STREET than Asus and MSI. It has impressed me as well and eleviates my initial anxieties about such new technology and a company I have no experience with.

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    yea dfi-street is a damn good resource for all DFI boards you'll def. keep up to date if you watch those forums


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