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    I hate being broke

    So it comes down to this on the A64 choices

    3000+ with water cooling
    3000+ with a PCI-E 6600GT on an SLI-capable mobo
    3200+ On air.

    Or I can save up the cash and maybe get an FX-55 within the next two months.

    How huge would the difference be for a 3000+ on water cooling vs. an FX-55 on stock?

    What about 3200+ on air vs. 3000+ on water?

    Edit: That is to say, overclocking potential
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    my friend took his 3000+ Winnie to 2.6 with an XP-90, and it benches pretty damn well with his 6800GT... so i'm gonna have to put a vote for the 3000+ on water cooling (make sure you get some decent water cooling)
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    I'd say wait for the upcomming core if you can.

    as far as specific overclocks I don't know, but I would bet the average 3000 on water would beat a 3200 on air.

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    Defiantly wait new cores will beout in a few months dropping the prices of the current ones and wait for more SLI boards to come out and save some $$$, since you hate being broke.
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    3000+ with a PCI-E 6600GT on an SLI-capable mobo

    You don't really need water cooling. You can take winnies pretty far on air. I'd also suggest getting the ultra model, rather than SLI. It will save you some $$$ and you can mod it to act as a SLI mobo (if you get the dfi ultra that is).

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    C_MAC nVidia fixed that. The mod no longer works. Im sure people will figure out how to do it again, It just might take some time.

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    I'd have to second C_MAC and vote for air. You can takes these things pretty high on stock cooling yet alone a decent hsf. Water cooling to me is hardly cooling on a budget, but that's me.

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    dude new cores are going to come out dont fork that much money for a fx-55 you can easily hit 2.6 with a 3000+ winne

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    Quote Originally Posted by b18_cya
    dude new cores are going to come out dont fork that much money for a fx-55 you can easily hit 2.6 with a 3000+ winne
    I doubt *easily* but he has a decent shot. I personally would go for a 3200+ on air. Water cooling is rarely worht the money.

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