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    issues with 1.4/K7v dragon

    Okay, I'm really getting ****ed off I have a Soyo K7V-Dragon Mobo, 768 MB PC2100 DDR, and a Tbird 1.4/266fsb...heres the prob...I can get to about 1.518 using a combo of the multiplier and the FSB...anything above that and the computer will POST, but won't get any further than that...I have a ThermalRight SK6 with an 80 mm Delta fan (thats right, I use an 80/60 adapter)..temps at 1.5 are about 40 at idle and about 45 at load, and have never gotten to 50c, even when running UD for 4 or 5 days straight...What the hell is going on here? I have an Inwin Q500 case, 1 intake, 3 exhaust fans, all 80mm 4900 RPM, so no bull**** about heat problems just need some guidance from you dudes...

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    up the vcore........

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    Yeah, I agree, give it some more juice. I had a 1000 AYHJA running at 138x11 = 1518 for awhile, but I think I pushed the voltage up to at least 1.9 or so. Give it a try.

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    I see people get their vcores to 2.33, how much will the CPU live on such high Vcores? and what are the defualt Speed/Vcore CPU life spend?
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    I have already upped the vcore to the max the mobo will go (soyo does it in the bios, not dipswitch), and every point in between with absolutely no change...any other ideas???

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    What stepping do you have on the core? Have you checked? Some steppings don't go very high at all. Refer to the guide here for what they are, where to check, etc. I had a 1000 AYHJA Y and check how high I got it on my dragon...

    edit: They don't have 1400 listings, but you can see by the approximate percentage increase what you can expect.

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    Heres what I got running CPUID...according to the info out there, only the newest athlons have a value of 644, so that means that we have the exact same chip.

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    Just throwing an idea out here, but could it have anything to do with the PSU ?

    or could it be Ram related?

    I know if i try to set my FSB to 133/133 then I post, but hang at the windows splash screen. Which my crucial ddr pc2100 doesn't seem to want to run @ cas2 ultra
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