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    Inconsistent horsepower ratings in GT4

    I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this but the hp ratings for the cars are different almost every time they are shown.. ie in garage when just browsing list of cars it says one number, when you select the car it gives a different number... what's the deal? Is this engine hp --> actual wheel hp or am i missing something?

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    It could be the first number you see is what you get when you buy the car say Mitsubishi 3000GT starts off with 300bhp then the other number is what it goes too maxxed out. I can't checked it out myself still waiting for it to be released over here in England.
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    I think it changes due to what tires you have on and if u change some settings on the car and or your oil

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    It's your oil, change it every chance you get.
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    nono..I mean when you're in My Garage, and you're looking at your list of cars, there is a horsepower rating beside the car name, on the same line. When you select that car to view it, the rating it gives you on the bottom left of the screen is different than what it just gave you...that's from oil change? a lot of the cars have not been driven since their last oil change, just kind of got them ready to race, know what i mean?

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    maybe one rating is the original horsepower, and the other is with modifications made

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    How different are the horsepower figures?

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