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    Windows XP login

    Ok, I just reformatted and I installed sp2.... then whenever I turn my computer on it goes to the log in screen and I have to click my name to get on my computer... I don't have a password(i know unsafe but I really dont' mind) and I just want it to go straight to my desktop instead of clicking on the icon to go there.... Is there a way to turn it off?

    Any help? Thanks

    PS. Also what would be helpful is if I could get winamp to start playing music when it gets on too... I have it set in the BIOS to turn on at 7 in the morning and that'd be nice to wake up to some tunes playing...

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    start -> run, type in "control userpasswords2". You should find what you are looking for
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    thank you very much, that's been bothering me for a while lol

    can anyone help me with winamp now?

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    You could find a program similar to AutoMate..or just acquire a copy of that.
    It's an app that helps you setup a script to run certain tasks at a certain time of day.

    I've used a few trials of some automated software where you can set it to record your keyboard and mouse movements. In your case. . clicking the winamp shortcut, and opening your favorite playlist or whatever. Then at a settime it runs those steps and does the work for you.

    Do some googling or look around on on for some task scheduling programs.

    FYI, task scheduler comes with windows as well....never used it because it wouldn't do what I needed at the time.

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    You can use the task scheduler to open a file at a specific time. Don't open the program, just the file. I haven't tried it with a playlist though. Just a single MP3. I'm currently using it as my alarm clock. Nothing gets you outta bed quicker than Metallica - Master of Puppets, playing with the volume cranked.

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    Yeah, that sounds good. Or make a batch file to open a music file, then put the batch in system start-up.
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