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    Memory Voltages - P4P800 & Kingston 3200 512x2

    Curious as to what voltages people are running on their P4P800 MBs with 3200 memory when overclocking? I am currently running at default voltages but would like to try bumping up my memory voltage to get a higher steady OC.


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    your not overclocked much and you havnt said if your memory is the weak link in your overclock at this point your memory voltage is fine. as long as your fsb isnt out of whack your fine i would do more reading and learning before i raised my memory V your close enough to your limits with that FSB i would go to a 5\4 ratio in bios. before you go getting crazy with overclocking get yourself some good case cooling but most of all a decent cpu heatsink and fan
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    I know little about P4's but have used HyperX in several rigs. It is important to know which type of HyperX you have. They make a 2-3-6-2 and a 2-2-5-2. The first ones I have used and they like voltage. I ran mine at 2.85 (the most my board would give them) and got the best results. The lowest latency HyperX is tccd and t's not known to like voltage as a general rule.

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    It's KVR - Kingston Value Ram... might EBay it and pick up some PC4000 Hyperx memory.

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    KVR is decent ram for the money. It's made with several different chips. (Some was even made with tccd) You have to experiment on the voltages.

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