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    System is near completion!

    Well I have been working my buttocks off for some time now and I am almost near completion with this thing! Finally!! lol
    As it sits,
    Cheiftech Case (think its called the dragon model? The standard Antec look-alike.)
    Antec True 550w PSU
    MSI K7D Master-L
    2 x Thourobred XP's @ 2400 ~ Modded to MP (1.5vcore)
    SK-7's w/80mm Fans
    2 x PC2100 Infenion 512 Meg each (Spelling?) Memory
    Gigabyte FX 5200 w/128Mem (presently at defualt settings, havent OC'd yet.)
    2 x 19" Flat Screen Monitors
    LSI Mylex SCSI Controller
    ~ 2 x 18gig 10k rpm in RAID 0 for OS and apps
    Promise RAID Controller
    ~ 4 x 80 7200 rpm IDE Drives in RAID 0+1 for storage
    52x CDRom Drive
    ASUS 52x32x52 CDRW Drive
    Windows XP Pro
    Office 2003

    Need just a few things and I will be SO done doing this for a little while! lol
    Need a DVD Burner of some sort, to mod my laptop cdrom and dvdrom drives to go into it. A better video card, a nice TV Tuner card and finally a very nice sound card.
    Closest Ive been to getting this thing to that finishing point in ages!
    Gawd it feels good. LoL
    I know its not top o' de line, but its a hella nice system and runs excellent.

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    J/K bud. Make sure we get to see the benchies.

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    And the pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by seadave77
    And the pics!
    Yes... pix are a must round here

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