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    Chaintech Apogee Geforce 6800gt

    Haveing alot of trouble overclocking my 6800gt. No matter what settings I test my frequencies at, it shows this msg, even when useing the rivatuner.

    I have attempted to flash the bios, but without any luck even getting the bios on the card, I can't even check. If anyone has any exp with this issue, or knows what I am doing wrong, or what is wrong. I would appreciate it. I have spent the past 2-3 months reading up on the matter and nothing seems to help. I am useing Detonator 7.20 beta.


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    What type of PSU are you using? A 6800gt needs atleast a 350w to run @ stock. Need atleast an Antec 430w PSU to get a decent OC out of it.
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