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    Overall Iodine concentration?

    What is the total concentration of Iodine that is needed to kill most microbes in my loop?
    Also, will humidifier bacteria control agents work well in water cooling loops?
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    Iodine, no clue.

    I do use humidifier bacteriostat in my loop though. Seems to work. I know a few other people on these forums also use it.

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    To guess, I'd say not much of either is needed. It's a closed loop without much air or fresh water being added, so a little bit gets recirculated over and over.

    A vague answer: Not enough to change your water color

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    5 drops per quart is the recommended amount of 2% USP tincture of iodine to purify clear water for drinking, 10 drops for cloudy looking water. So 10 drops/quart will probably do fine for long term in a closed loop, then you can still drink it in an emergency

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    Is iodine the best way to go? I started using waterbed algaecide but haven't really run it that long. I figured it works in my waterbed so it should work in the computer, right?

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