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    VideoMate DVB-T300 vs FlyDVB-T Duo ?

    Hi guys out there,
    Can you guys tell me which one is better ???
    I like the FlyDVB-T Duo , which has got built in FM, where VideoMate doesn't have. What do you think? Videomate using tin-can tuner, while lifeview use silicon... if not mistaken.. and saw some reviews that the lifeview one doesn't actually have the HDTV decoder... hmm.. totally confused.. hope you guys out there can give me some opinions on this.. thx.

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    We talking about DVB-T cards? Which country you in for a start...

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    opps.. you right!! you guys might not using DVB-T standard out there. I am in Aus, so wondering if any of you know about this..

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