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    Questions for my First Build

    Greetings! This is my first post in this forums, and I've learned so much already from just reading here for the past couple weeks

    Anyways, like the title says, I'll be performing my first build soon(first AMD too!), and I have some remaining questions that I haven't been able to answer too well. I was hoping someone here could enlighten me with their expertise!

    Here's what I've currenty planned for my build:
    Proc: Athlon 64 3500+ Venice
    Vid Card: nVidia 6800 GT
    Mobo: ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
    RAM: 1GB OCZ
    Case: CM Stacker
    HD: WD Raptor 36 GB
    Monitor: Hyundai L90D+
    PSU: 550 True Control

    Here's the questions I have:
    1. Does anyone expect any problems to come from this setup? I've heard there are some issues between Antec PSUs and the ASUS mobo, and there might be some problems with the newly released Venice.

    2. Is it wise to get a Venice only a week or two after release? Some people have shown their concern over the first batches being less stable and missing features, than getting a more established processor like the Winchester(which have been out for months now).

    3. I've heard about stepping, but could someone explain why it is important and details of it?

    4. Are there any preferred companies to buy cables or case fans from? I'd take speed over silence personally. I'm just lost when thinking about good places to buy these small parts.

    5. What is a good brand for the 6800 GT? I'm using a great BFG right now, but I'd like a higher performing card. OCing doesn't matter much to me atm, just the speed out of the box (although having the option of OCing later on is preferrable).

    6. How do DFI mobos compare to the other big mobo companies? I've never heard much about them outside this forum. From what I've understood, the mobos center on OC ability.

    I have more questions, they just slipped my mind right now. But thanks to anyone who can help me here!

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    I'm by no means an expert but your system looks good as far as I can see. As to your questions.
    1. I really don'tknow about thatbut both ASUS and Antec have good reps.
    2. I always wait before buying new technology. There are almost always "bugs" and the price goes down. Your call.
    4. I bought all my stuff fron newegg and ZZF, Ihear good thins about delta and panflo for powerful fans.
    5.EVGA and BFG seem to be the leading two.
    6. I've never used one so no idea.

    Hope this helps. just my two cents.

    Oh and by the way, WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fireside85281
    Greetings! This is my first post in this forums, and I've learned so much already from just reading here for the past couple weeks

    4. Are there any preferred companies to buy cables or case fans from? I'd take speed over silence personally. I'm just lost when thinking about good places to buy these small parts.
    Welcome to the Forums!

    If your not to worried about silence, you can get some Delta's from Sidewinder Computers, but be warned...some of the Delta's are very loud. They also sell various types of cables to.

    BTW, Congrats on YOUR first build!
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    Looks like a solid system you got there! IMO i would ditch the Antec and get either a 500 or 530w Fortron PSU. I have had quite a few problems with a few differant Antec PSU's. Don't get me wrong Antec makes quality PSU's, but i have personally had bad experiances with them. Plus my fortron 530w PSU has alot more stable rails then any of my old Antecs did, and if you ever want to up the 3.3v rail you can adjust it on the Fortrons
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    to the forums

    1. Nope - your setup looks great

    2. Sometimes that's the case, but the main concern is usually that new pc products drop considerably just a month or so after release. It's price that's more the issue than reliability.

    3. Here's a bit on it:

    A few words on the Winchester core itself. In fact, it is the same NewCastle core but with slight modifications to the memory controller (which, as we know, is integrated into the processor core). Thus, the performance has changed somehow. But that change is so minor that AMD brushes it over. Actually, AMD's representatives do not accentuate the new process technology, preferring to call Winchester processors simply Athlon 64 stepping D0. Therefore, from the viewpoint of the common user, there is no difference in performance or other characteristics between Winchester and NewCastle processor. Even the processor temperature under load is similar for both cores. That can be explained by that despite the reduced energy consumption, the Winchester core has also shrunk in the core area. Therefore, the unit heat emission (relative to the core area) has changed insignificantly.

    Quote taken from

    4. Yes - Nexus is one of the best. I've used them, and they supply all kinds of silent case fans and power supplies. These fans are nearly silent, while being pretty cheap. And they're good quality too.

    5. The brand doesn't matter too much, to be honest. It's usually just the software bundle and (sometimes) the cooler that matter.

    6. Yes, DFI motherboards are centred around overclocking ability - Nvidia nForce boards also provide a range of overclocking options too. Don't worry, DFI are a great make. Nearly all their motherboards will light up inside the case, so it's great for people with case windows

    Hope you enjoy your first build, and welcome again to the forums
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    Thanks for the welcome and all the advice!

    I think I'll go with BFG for my video card.

    I guess I don't have to worry about the Antec/ASUS according to you guys. I've already been using the 550 True Control PSU since early December, and there have been no problems, so I figure it will be alright for the new computer.

    I'm still undecided about fans. Thermaltake fans look pretty decent too. But none of them are horribly expensive, so I could always order a few and test them on my own :P

    Thanks again!

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    fans, i would reccommend a "japanaflo" for CPU fans (Japanese made Panaflo, not chinese made)...

    for case fans, well, depending on size, i would probably get a delta/panaflo... ive heard good things about loud deltas being undervolted and still having great pressure (same with panaflo).. i personally have 4 Logisys 4 red-LED intakes in my front of my case, and they do a good job... i need to gut my grills, so my fans in total are only probably pushing around 39CFM (they are rated 29.5CFM EACH, this is 4 COMBINED)... they are fairly quiet, and have GREAT lights... 80mm, around $4 a piece at the egg
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