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    new machine/ updating graphics

    messege below
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    okay you have tons of question here.

    first flashing the bios isn't needed but dr flash should help for future flashing.

    I would find which hd you have and check it for errors in windows or dos if you have floppy util.

    most likely your videocard fan or powersupply is having cooling issues. do you have low temps? mb monitor can monitor temps/voltages.
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    I ended up going out yesterday and buying a new PC.

    emachine T6212
    athlon 64 3200+
    integrated 128mb ati graphics.

    if I could get some help, I also bought a 256mb radeon x700 pro, and am just wondering if its safe to install it.

    Im pretty sure this emachine has the required 16x pci xpress but im not entirely sure!
    and im also wondering about the amount of watts the power supply is to power the x700. the dude at best buy said it was only 180w but inside it says max of 300w, im sure he was trying to sell me a new power supply, but im worried about if I the max 300w is enough for the card?

    In the manuel "changing the battery" it says you just snap this little thing in to change, this wouldnt be the actual 300w supply would it?
    ok thanks

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    The battery is completely different from the PSU. The battery is for the CMOS, and sits on the motherboard. They usually look like one of these;

    You really should have asked about the pci express slot and compatibility before you bought either. eMachines aren't particularly upgradable. I'd suspect that a 300w PSU is not going to be sufficient for your needs.

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