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    Question What's your favorite dvd player software?

    My Nvidia 6800 and NVDVD2.0 seem to be a great combo.
    What about you?

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    I use WinDVD, came bundled with 2 motherboards(WinCinema) and 2 videocards(WinDVD standalone). No complaints about any of the versions. I got PowerDVD bundled with one of my DVD drives (I can't remember which), but I don't like it as much. As far as WinDVD goes. I prefer the older versions. Much simpler, no fancy doo-dads.

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    i've always loved nvDVD. it's one of the best DVD player programs i've ever used. leadtek's winfast DVD is pretty good, but i like the nvidia player better.

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    I like PowerDVD.
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    If I play anything on the computer, I want it simple and straight forward.

    I've used WinDVD and PowerDVD, there ok. I try and use WMP most of the time, its simple all there and you don't have to try selecting any of the vob files to make it work sometimes.
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    I like windvd, it takes nice screenshots at the dvd natural resolution and you can look at the movie frame by frame. Also the video desktop feature is really useful sometimes, like if you want to be on aim or a small app and still watch your movie :-D

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    PowerDVD or VLC Media Player (when it works, for some reason every 10 or so DVDs I have to re-install it..oh well) just because they are very simple programs.

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    I like Power dvd 5.0 too.I rarely watch a movie in full screen mode so I like the initial size that it displays.

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    VLC for pretty much everything
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    PowerDVD for teh win.. windvd is friggin slower lol.. the only option i like in it is the 60x speed..
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    I use PowerDVD 5, had problems with version 6

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    Thumbs up

    I just got power DVD 6 and loving it, Although winamp was my previous fav!
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    PowerDVD handles everything I need.

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