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    libranet recomended for beginers?

    hey folks,
    i have been thinking about going linux for a little while and wow at all the choices. reading online reviews and faqs posted here have been very helpfull in that i was about set on mandrake/mandriva or whatever it goes by now. anyway, i got to talking to several others in the computer store while buying some fans, and several of them agreed that for a newbie that i should look into libranet, but thats a new one for me. i've never even heard of it untill today.

    so, i thought i would ask the people here at OC about it since this is the first i have heard of it. so how does this libranet stack up against mandriva or the other favorites around here? gentoo is popular but i'm not sure im ready for it although it does sound good.

    what i would like to do is dual boot with winxp pro and ease into linux. plus i have lots of games and stuff id like to play and from what i have found i'll still need win for the bulk of it.

    and thanks to those that did all of the work on the faqs and info stickied up at the top, best help on the net!

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    I like libranet. Its debian-based. Once you get used to apt-get and dpkg, debian-based distros are really easy to manage.!
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