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    Quote Originally Posted by consumer9000
    LOL I was hoping to add it to my paperweight collection for <$25.00.
    Oh well.
    that would be a sweet


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    That is the exact same card I have, bought it from Gameve as a "X800 XT".

    It detects as a X800 XL though. It was around $400.00 something.
    It is o/c to 550/580 and with a vmod I suppose it would go quite a bit higher? I don't know what to think of this are my 3dmarks for it: 3DMark 05 & 3DMark 01.

    Quote Originally Posted by P4coffeetime
    For any of you gamers who trying to look for more power out of your video cards...DON'T do what this person did to his card. Take a look in this auction found today. Ouch! $650 CDN gone in smoke!
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