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    How many clients?

    Is there any use in running more than one client on a single processor system?
    If yes, how many should I run and why?

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    We witnessed over the last few days the one real reason that you might want to run two clients, even on a single processor machine. The servers went down, several times. When that happens you cannot turn in work to the downed server, but you can sometimes get work from another server and the fact that it slows down both clients will help to keep you systems folding for a longer period of time while you wait for stanford to fix the servers.
    How?? You only need to copy the fah.exe, charmm.prm, opls.prm and place them in another folder with a different name. Once there create a shortcut for the fah.exe and add the '-local' switch to the shortcut so that that it will instruct the client to run in that directory only. I have included a pic so that you can see what I mean. Then start the client with the shortcut. You will have to enter your information and it will get everything else it needs from the servers.

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    Yeah, he's got it covered... or you can just run the installer more than once and specify a different (unique) directory each time, and make sure to set the -local switch for each shortcut. You can run as many clents as you like - just remember that for the proteins that take longest (bbalphaua's right now, I think) you can't have frame times over 43 mins.... in fact I would recommend not getting anywhere close to that mark. The three days limit thing kicks in and you'll lose wu's. No one wants that.

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    IMO, you should only run one client unless the server is down. If you have a dual cpu machine then run two all the time.

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