View Poll Results: What's your favourite case lighting color?

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  • Blue

    434 40.90%
  • Green

    93 8.77%
  • Red

    127 11.97%
  • Orange

    39 3.68%
  • Yellow

    4 0.38%
  • Purple

    31 2.92%
  • White

    86 8.11%
  • UV/reactive

    162 15.27%
  • Stealth lighting! (none)

    74 6.97%
  • Paisley maaaaan

    11 1.04%
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    Blue + Green + UV-thingish, but could only vote blue.. buuu..
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    yeah snake, i see you got silver+blue as a good combo, although for some reason you've got it in third place Get that to the top where it belongs!

    lethil, You think finding black stuff is hard for a computer, try silver. Damn near impossible.

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    I like the purple/uv color. I grew up in shall we say "party atmosphere" home in the early 70's so I was around alot of black lights growing up. To me though its the purple color I like more than the UV aspect of the lights.

    I wish more of my comp was purple instead of blue. I have a blue acrylic case with blue LED fans. I have however replaced the LEDs in my keyboard, speakers, and the power/activity lights with purple/UV LED's. These went along with my purple/UV mousepad and HD window mod from a few years back.

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    UV all the way Its a great when its dark ... seeing all your fans / accessories light up ^^.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stang8118
    I voted blue, not because i like it the most but its just because i am only aloud to buy stuff i don't need for my computer if its blue... that is my G/f's rule lol.... god i am whipped
    Well given that explanation I guess it is better to have blue lights. Then a pair of something else that is blue. ROFLMAO
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    ohh man, it took me a solid like 4 minutes to get that, but damn thats funny.

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    I like white. Espeically an ambient white. Not to much, not to little. I might be ordering some 6" CCFLs for my Lian-Li V1000 soon to do a bit of a lighting mod to. Only problem is hiding enough of the CCFL to make it "glow".
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    I love my White lights, they look clean.
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    I voted blue because in my case currently the blue cathodes (how i have them placed) and black case go really well together. Personally I don't care what color cathodes are if they are installed properly, not glaring out the window, and if it flows with the cases color. An example i don't think that a red case would look good if it had yellow cold cathodes in it.
    On another note my friends and I got another friend a Lian-Li PC-75 silver case and white cold cathodes for his last birthday and my friends thought that the white wouldn't look good, but I told them differently and in his case and how he placed then they look really good. So it depends on how the person installs the cold cathodes and your own personal preference.

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    UV and a UV Watercooling Kit, WoW!!

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    I've got 8 logisys 9 LED blue read case fans. I love the combo although the blue is definatly the more overpowering of the colors.

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    CCFL Blue.


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    i like UV myself, there is something to be said about having all you cables able to glow different colors, also a black mirror finish paint job that glows red looks pretty sweet too

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    Nuff said
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    I voted blue.

    I have a black case, with black drives, and a black mesh for the 2 front fans. So all fans are QUAD LED Blues, and they shine nice throught the front grill. Side etched window is lit up via 2 Super Bright CCFLs from SVC. These are REALLY BRIGHT!!! I hid them in my case so it glows, not blinds, and since the inside of my case is all polished, the light bounces around nice.

    I used red for an accent, cuz it looks amazing with a black case. The base glows, and on the mobo side is the old skool GI Joe Cobra symbol lit up w/ red CCFLs. Also, w/my Sunbeam Rheostat, when I turn the fans down at night the red leds also add to the accent.

    If you just look at my case, you won't see any tubes or inverters lying about, I hid them all!! 3 inverters = 6 CCFLs. The other 2 are green, cuz I like to switch it up once and a while.

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    BLUE!!!!... Just because it looks so cool (and its my favorite color)

    My case is silver and I just like the silver/blue combination.
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    I personally prefer red on black. Red cold cathodes all the way.
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    I'm making a radiation/biohazard themed case. So green. Also, it's not too overwhelming so I can sleep with it on.

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