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    Can't here BIOS error codes, no spkr, help!

    It would appear that the case I bought has no internal speaker hook up to go to the mobo. As such, I can't hear any BIOS beeps that normally come out of the case. How can I fix this? (Other than getting a new case.) It's fairly important as I bought an NF7-S v2 from a member here and this is the first time trying to fire it up. Unfortunately the screen stays blank and says it's not getting anything... (Fans all spin up inside though.) Naturally I'm curious as to why it's not booting.


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    As an aside, I was able to put this computer side by side with my other one and take it's case speaker and plug it into this board. No beeps. (So it's not evening POSTing?) I'm not sure whether or not it needs more than just the speaker plug to be connected to beep though.

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    have u tried holding the insert key through a few boots? always helps me to post
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    I've held down the delete key, as that's what is used to get into BIOS. I'll try the insert key sometime tonight after I get home from work though. (Either way, I would have thought that the other case would have made some sort of beeping sound when I plugged it into the mobo and powered on.)

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    Insert key would do the trick for reseting the bios, but that isnt your problem, you need to make sure everything during the install of the mobo wasnt missed. Last time I had this same problem and it turned out my cpu was dead. That mobo should be working, make sure that the cmos jumper is set to the bottom two of the three pins and double check your ram and cpu. Also one other thing this could be (other then mobo) is your PSU, try to connect that to another system and boot. Also you do have the 4 pin power plugged in right?


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    I've tried it with a different PSU that worked in an identical system. No go. Although now, after switching back, it does begin to power on (not POST) and then shuts off right away... I'm sure that's not good.

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    Check for burn marks on the motherboard, if there are none, then i dont know static electricity maybe? is the only thing I can think of. If your getting power and then no go, i'd say that something is up, i know 90 % of these type of issues are because of PSU. Well either way, if you feel you've done all you can you can ship it back to me with insurance. Pm me for addy. Sorry that this happend

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    That quick turn on and shut down happens to me when I am resetting my BIOS and leave the jumper in the wrong position and power on the system. It does not post just turns on and off.

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    Jumper has been checked already. Any other ideas?

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    Yes, I bet your getting grounded somewhere, take the mobo out and set it up on a wooden table with a static protection bag, plug in video card and psu, and start up.

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    Tried taking the mobo out and setting it on an anti-static bag. No go.

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