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    how well can a ti4200 play HL2?

    im upgrading my buddy's system and ill oc it for him
    its an athlon 850 will be ocd to 1.1ghz or so
    256 mb ram
    and he's lookin for a decent card under 70 bux, tho the cheaper the better.
    i think a 64 meg refurb ti4200 fro 31 bux would work nicely.
    how well would it handle hl2 tho?
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    well the best bang for the low buck card ive found "doing bottom line prices for peeps" is a abit 9550,there around 70 bucks at newegg this one ,looks like there outta stock right now though, i had a ti4200 128 meg over clocked from 250/512 to 290/ 585 and this card blew mine out at stock speeds ,i scored 1900 on 3D03 and it scored 2300 on 3D03 at stock speeds

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    ti4200 is what i use to play hl2. it can run fine frame rates at 1024x768 but with all the pretty turned off. the thing to look for in cheap cards is that some low end dx9 cards are terrible and when you force hl2 to dx8 to get some decent frame rates...the native dx8 cards are better at it. my freind had a fx5200 and it was awful. he wished he had kept his ti4400.

    i think pny had a ti4200 refurb for $20?
    in any case dont pay much for a ti and theres probly some better bang for the buck out there at a $70 level

    edit: just noticed the cpu you guys will be using. i figure its probly my p4 at 3.1 that alows me to use such an old card with ok fps. slow gpu and cpu may be too little to run hl2 nicely
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    considering the CPU I wouldn't waste too much money on a videocard. See if PNY still has those TI4200's for $20 (arn't you one of the lucky #*%(^$ who got one of those 6800U's for $260 in the same refurb blowout?) If those arn't still around that $30 Ti4200 will be fine. Your going to be highly CPU limited with any card better than these in HL2 so there is no real point. I'm not sure how "playable" HL2 will be though, you will probably have to drop down to 800*600 or something to get good framerates.

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    I played CS:S on my old computer without much problems at 1024x768(lower details of course).

    My old comp was
    Athlon xp 2000
    512 pc2700 Ram
    geforce3 ti200

    As you can see this is a pretty crappy comp now and yet it managed to run HL2 fine at 1024x768(usually 30-40 fps). I'm sure a ti4200 will be quite a bit better.

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    It'll load.

    30-40 fps is not considered playable by most CS players standards. LOL

    To have a reasonable experience you problem would be best served by a Geforce 6200 or better.
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    Well, I wouldnt pay too much for a vcard with that CPU, its just gonna bottleneck and you wont get the full preformance out of the card

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    ive found, and heard that the source engine is much more cpu hungry than gpu
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulu-1
    ive found, and heard that the source engine is much more cpu hungry than gpu
    Very true. If you look at benchmarks for the game they are almost always CPU limited. Different videocards will come out with similar framerates with AA and other stuff turned off or at low resolutions.

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    best bang for buck is EASILY refurb geforce 6600. $65 man. same as a radeon 9600 refurb. if you can swing it; go s939 w/pci-express

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