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Thread: comp wont boot

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    comp wont boot

    ..running setup in the sig. I thought my PSU died, and i posted on ocforums and everyone agreed. I went out to buy an antec smartpower 350w psu and i connected it up. No post at all. could it not be my psu? maybe my mobo or cpu is fried / dead? maybe my cases's power button ( soft switch ) somehow disconnected? how can i boot without it, i have to short two wires or something? can someone tell me how/ what / where?

    also, the main ATX mobo power cable - they has to plugged in 110% into the mobo? the clicky thing at the top isn't in 100% fully, could this be the problem? i put my little muscles to the test and i don't want to push it in any further ( .. or cant), i also dont want to break the mobo in doing so.

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    edit: ok disregard the last paragraph. the power cable is in 100%.

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    i know there could be many solutions to a no boot no beep no post problem, but can someone atleast tell me how to start the computer without the soft switch?

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    well what happened to me a few years ago was the psu burned out the motherboard. So both the psu and the motherboard burnt out at the same time. I had to check my components with a friend, i guess that would be your best option.
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    1. Did you move the CMOS jumper?
    2. Is the front panel connections correct?
    3. Disconnect everthing,HDD, CD, DVD, Floppy. Just the memory and AGP. See if it will start. Then one item at a time, connect and restart. This will help eliminate where a potential short could be.
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    actually, i am not sure in what position the cmos jumper should be. It says JP1 at the top, so i figured the top one is 1, then 2, then 3. it was set at 2-3 at the time, because on my manual, it showed 1 at the bottom. Not sure from which side they were holding the mobo in though. Nevertheless, i tried booting in both positions. Unless this caused a problem?

    Also, could a lighting storm burning out a lan card prevent boot? what if i had an onbound lan card? would that fry the mobo?

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