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    Angry KeyBoard is locked out- unlock the key?

    I need some help i tryed 3 differents key boards i tryed a USB one and 2 ps/2 ones and that same error keep comming up any idead ? i tryed the one i am using now and tryed clearing the cmos...

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    right click on my computer
    click on manage
    click on device manager in the left frame
    delete the keyboard (or the entries underneath it - im not sure which will work)
    restart and windows should re-recognize and reconfigure the keyboard settings

    if that doesnt work i dont know, maybe a repair installation?

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    dude its in my cmos

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    Is your bios upgraded? And what mobo?
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    how was i supposed to know?

    so can you not get into the BIOS to change things? and you can use the keyboard fine in windows?

    that is pretty weird. are you sure you cleared the CMOS? with my board i have to remove the battery and unplug the motherboard power connector (or unplug the PSU)

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    ahh yeah its in my bios and it says check sum error so...... i guess it cleared? and my hd makes weird soud befor it say the error.....i cant get passed bios i change cases now it ont work....

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    ok, so when you boot up the computer, you can hit a key to get into the bios? then once in the bios, it gives you an error, and the keyboard isnt recognized? and now you cant get passed the bios?

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    never could i switched cases and now that error is happing zipp22 u got msn AIM?

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    sorry i have to be leaving soon for an EE lab. have you tried flashing the BIOS? if not, find the latest bios on the motherboard manufacturers website and flash it.

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