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    What card to get

    I finally deep fried my good old buddy , a Radeon 9000, in an accident which involved a can of compressed air and a stubborn ramsink. But now that it's gone, it's time to get a new video card!

    I'm stuck between three main competitors the Radeon 9200,9250, and 9500. I can get these for a relativly good prices but, being that I am a light gamer, I want the best for my money. Which one should I choose?

    All of the cards do not have a suffix to them (SE,Pro etc) and all of them have 128 megabytes of memory. Also, I have been out of the video card loop for well over a year. Last time I checked the 9500 was pretty good, but i'm not so sure now.
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    For the love of god do not get a 9200. I have one and it's nice and what not for last years games but anything from mid 2004 and newer runs strained at higher resolutions.

    I'd recommend a 9500 or saving a little bit more and getting a 9800 (which is sstill plenty good to today's games).
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    Could get a 9500 and flash it into 9700.

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