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Thread: what is better

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    Question what is better

    is it better to have 512mb of pc-133 sdram of 256mb of ddrpc2100(or the pc is close to that number).
    And why cant we mix ddr and sdram?
    This system would be used as a gaming/internet pc

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    here's my take:

    get the 256 mb pc2100. That's plenty of ram and it's moves more data per cycle. (your mobo/chipset will have a huge impact on how just much better the ddr ram performs)

    Some boards let you use either type, but only to allow for the transition, I think. someday sdram boards will get hard to find.

    (Remember ISA? although the analolgy doesn't hold because you can use pci and isa simultaneously...)

    The boards that let you choose have enough capacity for either type that the benefit of being able to mix doesn't outweigh the hassle of engineering a system to access both types simultaneously. JMO, anyway.

    Good luck.
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    for one thing ddr and regular sdram are different sizes, so if there is a board that uses both, it would require 2 different sets of slots.

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    I now have 256 megs of pc2400 @133 mhz , which is running much faster than my old 384 megs of regulat pc133 so i think that DDR is faster even though there is less, the amount of meme has no impact on speed. So get DDR 128 DDR will still get better scores then 512 SDRAM
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    thanks, I am building a pc for my dad and was wondering if i should go with ddr or sdram, now i know go with ddr.
    thanks again

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    Yeah, if I was about to built a new system right now, I would also go with DDR Ram!

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