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    radiator question

    is a car oil cooler good enough for a radiator for my watercool system ?>
    also, my room temperature is around 24c... and the water coming out from the waterblock is cold... just a little warmer than room temperature
    i would like to ask if this is normal and if not, how can i overcome it... Thanks

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    Well the tempeture of the water all tepents how much time it stays in the blok so what realy maters is what temps your CPU is at

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    Me thinks this is the first time ever that I saw someone complaining about his water actually being to COLD

    No offence though.....
    *Non est ad astra mollis e terris via*

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    Oil coolers are quite large if I remember correctly, it would definately be more than enough, but if your going used, check it out. Someone said on here oil coolers are mounted in such a way that they take most of the impact in front-end collisions.

    Just get a heater core, cheaper, smaller, and proven better than these pre-made rads you find online.


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