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Thread: Mousepads

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    What are some of the best mouse pads out there.
    Currently I have a ratpadz gs, which is a fine pad except that it is wearing out.
    I want somthing that doesnt wear as fast as the Ratpadz.
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    XTrac pads are good... I like my Zoom

    btw, ive had this since around january 2004
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    I have heard the best things about func pads.

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    Steelpad maybe?

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    I have been using a func 1030 for about a year and a half and it's still working great.

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    I just bought a Razer Diamondback and a fUnc 1030 and I must say the mousepad is very good. It even comes with a little piece of metal to hold your mouse wire. As for the size, people say its small but with a good mouse, how much space do you need? I have a 19inch lcd and it only takes a little flick of the wrist to get from one side to the other.

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    X-Ray Thunder9 Pads are good. The old Thunder8s are also good. They pair well with the X-Ray mouse skates.

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