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Thread: Weird Cpu fan.

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    Weird Cpu fan.

    Thank u everyone who is helping me

    I removed the jumper and the fsb went to 133 automaticilly. So that is not a problem anymore.

    (Sorry i'm so slow, but i'm a noob )

    But there is something else. My cpu fan is weird.. it's like it doesn't go at it's normal speed when I turn on my computer, and it stops totally when I'm starting to boot. But it's just for a few seconds. Then it starts again after 2 secs or something and runs in it's normal speed.

    But, it's strange..

    Anyone have any idee what it could be? Sounds like a lack of electricity.. but I cant understand...

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    thats does sound pretty odd.

    is this a thermally controlled fan? i remember i had my CPU fan set to be controlled by the mobo. and let me tell you.... when the chip got cool (often), it would shut off, then after 5 seconds, spin up, then cool off, spin down, then after 5 seconds, spin up, etc, etc, etc.

    maybe you have some kinda smart fan control set on?

    OR, maybe your voltage is **** :-)

    try unplugging from mobo and plugging straight into power supply.

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    Looks like a BIOS problem. My Gigabyte had the same problem with one of its first BIOS. The problem went away when i flashed it. Maybe you got something similar.

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    Connect your Fan directly to the PSU and see if this solves the problem

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    HMm okej... I'll see what happends...

    It has never acted like this before. Thats the strange thing

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    Hmm.. I connected it to another connector from the power supply.

    It runs faster now, then before. And it stopped to be weird...

    Why is it like this.. ? To little power to the mobo?.. hmm

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