Ok I recently just parted out my system in my sig because i believed my mobo to be gone. To give u backround my mobo had 2 voltmods on it and a highly OC'd 2600+ mobile. So it wasnt a suprise when everything started acting flaky and the PC wouldnt boot. HDD checked good, the PSU seemed fine after checkign with a multimeter. So I assumed the damn mobo went belly up. The problem I was having was the IDE drives were cycleing (the HDD were turnign off and on). Multimeter revealed 12V @ 11.91V.

So I sold the presumed fine PSU to my friend, he put it in and guess what same problems, the IDE drives turned on and off(HDD). I am baffled as to the cause of my psu doing this, I cant understand this! Anyone here have ideas as to what is going on!!