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    1 0.23%
  • 31 to 45C

    13 3.01%
  • 41 to 50C

    33 7.64%
  • 51 to 55C

    52 12.04%
  • 56 to 60C

    74 17.13%
  • 61 to 65C

    79 18.29%
  • 66 to 70C

    59 13.66%
  • 71 to 75C

    36 8.33%
  • 75 to 80C

    31 7.18%
  • 81C+

    54 12.50%
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    A poll with a twist - what has been your HOTTEST STABLE temp?

    Ok read then vote.

    What temperature has been the hottest you have had a CPU run at for 24 hours+ under load? The system must have been stable for the 24 hours, and running under full load.

    Note: OMG MY CPU HIT 80C WEHN I FITTETD TEH HEATSKINK WRONG!!1one does not count.

    My personal highest is 62C for an XP1700 Tbred @ XP2100. The other cpu in the system was at about 60C.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperDuperNade
    People usually see a spike in Temps if AS5 hasn't cured after heatsinks have been reseated.Maybe you should ask everybody to mention this (if their max temps are caused by this) as well.
    Another suggestion:
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperWooperDuperNade
    Please mention your VCore !!!

    And if anybody has killed a chip, please mention that too! This is more valuable than anything else (the information i.e., not your dead CPU)

    Sample Format:

    • CPU Type:

    • VCore:

    • Max Temp:

    • Cooling:

    • Situation: What program were you running, Summer or Winter, re-seated HS?

    • CPU dead or alive:
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    it 67 right now with WATERCOOLING!! the rad fan is b0rked and super slow. everything is running fine and STILL FOLDIN!!!!
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    ugg, id say like 58c wiht my 2800+ @ 2.36ghz with 1.55v, on my kingwin 80mm fan hsf, it was while folding, and it was rock stable. that rig folded for like weeks straight during that WW4 folding war.

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    i used to run my athlon xp 2800+ at around 68C load. it has a chipped die so it doesn't make proper contact with the heatsink. the fact that i was using white goop and a speeze heatsink didn't help much either.
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    42c on my 6800U

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    My p4 has run for about 65-68 load for about 1 year... Works great and is 100% within Intel thermal spec...

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    I haven't gotten brave enough to run my barton over 55C, it sits nice and stable at ~52C load though.
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    summertime and crappy hs + little air condition= 65 load and 62 idle GRRRR...but uts gotten better now.
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    Choosing between two evils, I might pick the one I've never tried before.
    My temps hit 65c long before I went to watercoolin. Felt like a toaster with a fan.
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    I've seen the low to mid 50s, but corrected that problem, now only my 9800XT sees an occasional 51C and my other temps are in the low to mid 40s.
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    Pally XP2000 + Summer + 30C room + stock heatsink = 71C for ages

    Folding of course

    ... and then Asus COP kicked in, so I turned it off.

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    I've run my XP-M at 2.4GHz and seen it fold stably at 70C+. I think that's impressive.

    Trolling is bad.

    *EDIT* Total specs:

    XP-M 2500+
    Thermalright SK6+ with Panaflo 80L, the heat of summer.
    Temp found on diode through running Folding.
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    'bout 57 degrees celcius for a 2.0A @ 3.6Ghz, 24hr prime stabile.
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    • CPU Type:
    • A64 NC 3500

    • VCore:1.675 V

    • Max Temp:56 C

    • Cooling:SLK948U+Tornado

    • Situation: Reseated HS, AS-5 yet to cure fully. Running P95 CPU test.

    • CPU dead or alive:Alive
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    before i turned on the ac for the summer i was running 51C load on a hot day, never pushed it higher then that. i'm sure it would be stable at a higher temp but i'm not oced at the moment

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    CPU Type: AMD AthlonXP Palimino 1800+
    VCore: 1.7v
    Max Temp: 77C
    Cooling: Stock
    Situation: Small case, poor airflow
    CPU dead or alive: Alive
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    i guess i did hit 80c once, then i realize my cpu fan wasn't running. and that was with my old 2000+, don't know why it died on me

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    This thread is now troll-free, and is to remain that way. If anybody else decides it's cool to troll this thread will earn a one-way ticket on the 'kicked out of the forum' express.

    You don't need a ticket, if you break the rules.
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    My lappy runs at 71* stable. I like to keep it @ 58-65 though

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