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    Question SK-6 Fan Clip Vibration

    Gah! I just got an Thermalright SK6 Heatsink with and I seem to be having problems with the fan clips that come with the heatsink. Everything sounds great when the case is on its side, but once I put the case upright, it sounds like there's a bunch of angry bees in my computer. This happens with both of my Delta Fans (50CFM and 38CFM). I've taken out the copper shim thinking that it was vibrating against the heatsink, but of course it wasn't.

    I'm not sure what to do, I've tried everything I can think, so far. I could always put back my old heatsink and pop the 50CFM on it, but I would really like to use the Thermalright heatsink since I quite a bit for it. Anyway, if anyone could give me some info on what to do with this, I'd gladly appreciate it. Thanks.

    P.S. - Would my HD or CD-Rom drives be damaged when the case is on its side?


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    The clips that came with my sk6 when i had them on there were really tight so i didnt have any noise but maybe you can put a tiny piece of cardboard on each corner of the fan where the clip presses on the fan bolt holes to try and tighten it up.I had a loud vibration in my old case on the removeable mobo tray that took me awhile to find

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    Well, just a little while ago I turned the case on its side and after 20-30 minutes, the noise came back. I turned the case upright and the noise is gone. So far, I can hear little jittering inside the case, but nothing annoying. The clips are suprisingly tight against the fan though. If the sound gets any worse later today (Which I'm sure it will), I'll do as you suggest. Thanks Max.


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