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    Noob Questions about baseline Cooling Numbers

    I have found this site very informative.
    My Current Case Temp idle/load 35C/42C
    My Current CPU Temp idle/load 47C/54C
    I am running an AMD XP2400 (thouroughbred)
    one stick PC2100 256MB
    one stick PC2700 256Mb (it's labeled as PC2100)
    ATI Radeon 9200 256MB (128 bit) with cooler
    one intake fan and one exhaust fan

    All the settings are stock. Are my temps ok to start with? And what max temps should I worry about. Thanks!!!!

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    just try and keep CPU load temp under ~60ēC
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    to me, those CPU temps are pretty high.... but from what ive heard in the past AMD's can survive the higher temps longer.

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